§1 General provisions

1. The owner of icecash.net service ("Service") is IceMedia with headquarters located at Warszawska 6/32, NIP: 9662114492, REGON: 368086203, registered in Bialystok, Poland.

2. These Terms of Service ("Terms") constitute general access to and use of the Service, registration, sharing and downloading files, including user's and Owner's laws and obligations.

§2 Glossary, specific meaningsused in these Terms

1. Meaning of terms used hereinafter:

a) Owner - IceMedia, headquarters located at Warszawska 6/32, NIP: 9662114492, REGON: 368086203, registered in Bialystok, Poland.

b) Service - icecash.net website, including any subdomains thereof, with its own disk space, allowing for user file storage and file download.

c) Terms - a collection of rules endorsed by the Owner of the Service, which constitute general access to and use of the Service, including user's and Owner's laws and obligations.

d) user - a person with full legal capacity, accessing and using the Service, while being legally binded by the Terms. Person under 18 or a person without full legal capacity has to acquire their legal guardian permission to use the Service.

e) registration - a process in which the user provides his email address and password in the places necessary, and confirms his email address afterwards by following link sent to his email account.

f) registered member - a user that has already registered his account

g) unregistered member - a user who hasn’t gone through the registration process, or hasn’t confirmed his email address yet

h) file - a collection of data recorded in any form and format

i) currency - virtual points calculated accordingly to the Service's set rate, exchangeable for Polish zloty

j) payout - a day when a member can order a payment of his collected and exchanged resources

k) referred member - a person who registered using other member's individually generated referral link

l) premium account - a temporary account upgrade available for registered members

m) normal account - an account created after user's successful registration in the Service

n) mirror - a copy of the Service and its resources, set up in order to mitigate servers' load by placing files and data shared by Service’s members onto it.

§3 Registration

1. Registration is available on the website specified by the Owner

2. Before the registration process user is obliged to familiarize himself with the Terms and agree to comply with these Terms. Agreeing to comply with the Terms and accepting them requires the user to select a specific option during the registration process.

3. Registration process consists of providing an email address, creating a unique nick/login and creating a password to the account.

4. During the registration process as well as during the subsequent use of the Service, the Owner has a right to ask for additional information necessary for the user to continue using the Service.

5. After providing an email address it is necessary to confirm it through a special link sent to the email address, associated with a unique external address.

6. The user takes full responsibility for the information provided, that is for providing false information, providing third-party information during registration process, and while providing additional information mentioned in the §3 Section 4.

7. Registration process shall be deemed complete after a successful email address verification.

§4 Unregistered member

1. Unregistered member cannot use the Service.

2. Unregistered member can register an account at any time.

3. Limited use consists of:

a) inability to share and transfer files to other members

b) inability to withdraw currency and order a payment

c) inability to download files and data shared by other members

§5 Registered member

1. Registered member can use the Service to the full extent excluding options available only to paid premium account.

2. A registered member shall be able to start using the Service under the premium account services at any time.

3. Premium account services, payment method used to activate it, its scheme and operating principles are specified in a separate regulation.

§6 Referred member

1. User who has successfully registered using other member's individually generated referral link.

2. After successful registration the referred user can generate his own referral link and obtain his own referred members.

§7 Multi-account

1. User can possess more than one registered account.

2. Abovementioned accounts cannot be referred using the same referral link.

3. In case the user is in possession of an account referred by his own referral link, the Owner is entitled to block that user's each and every account, withhold any ordered payments and delete all accounts registered by that user.

4. In case the account is using premium account services before the block or the deletion of that account, the cost paid by the user shall be forfeited without the possibility of a refund, any later repayment and further use.

5. In case the account gets blocked or deleted any ordered payments will be withheld. In case the Owner deletes an account as a result of user's inability to abide by the Terms, gathered currency and ordered payments will be cancelled without the possibility of a refund.

§8 Using the Service

1. Using the service is free of charge excluding options available to paid premium accounts and other instances specified by the Owner.

2. Service provides registered member with unlimited disk space.

3. User is free to share any file he wants across the Service.

4. User cannot share files:

a) which size exceeds 90MB.

b) with a php extension and other files deemed prohibited by the Owner.

5. It is prohibited to share and download files which:

a) violate copyright

b) are subject to copyright and related rights

c) are not the property of the person sharing or person downloading

d) break licence agreements, even when the user possesses a file ownership or hold this file on a data storage device.

e) contain content deemed prohibited by the Polish Law

f) contain content promoting racism, child's porn, social, cultural and racial hatred, violence towards people or animals, calling for violence, etc.

g) contain software deemed harmful - including spyware, viruses and other files and applications with similar functionality.

6. When sharing a file on a disk space, the user states that he owns the copyright, related rights and industrial property rights in regard to the shared file.

7. User that shares the file states that he owns the right to share, disseminate and make that particular file public.

8. Sharing a file by the user means granting the Owner a licence to use, make public, create a backup, share, disseminate, change, etc. that particular shared file or a set of these files.

9. User grants abovementioned licence free of charge, not limited in time, even in the event of the account getting blocked or deleted, or if the file gets deleted from Service's disk space.

§9 Sharing and downloading

1. Every registered member has the ability to share files across Service's disk space in compliance with § 8.

2. Sharing a file takes place through an upload of a file onto the Service’s disk space.

3. In case of a successful share of the file the registered member will be able to generate a unique address for his file.

4. Every time a user downloads a file from a registered member, the registered member receives a specified amount of currency for a full and successful download.

5. User can download his own files, however he will not receive any currency for it.

6. Scheme and method of sharing the link to the file is entirely up to the user.

7. Every user of the Service is able to download files shared by other users.

8. Every time before downloading the file user has to take steps specified by the Owner.

9. Speed of download and sharing of files varies given the type of the account and due to the fact of it being registered in the Service. A comprehensive speed range is specified in premium account service regulation.

10. The Owner cannot be held responsible for user's share and download transfer speeds.

§10 Currency, currency exchange and ordering payment

1. File owner receives currency for every full and successful file download done by another user through an individually generated link.

2. Gathered currency can be exchanged for Polish zloty or US Dollar at any time, excluding any currency cancelled or blocked by the Owner.

3. User who has exchanged the currency can order its exchange for Polish zloty or US Dollar.

4. Exchanging currency for Polish zloty or US Dollars occurs at a ratio, and at the rate of exchange specified by the Owner.

5. Payment occurs in a manner specified by the user after a positive verification of the full and successful downloads, done by the Owner. The Owner is entitled to cancel full downloads in the case of suspicion or verisimilitude of a download not complying with the Terms.

6. Exchanged currency's payout shall take place on the date specified by the Owner.

7. Redeemed funds are subject to taxation in compliance with the user's country tax provisions, which means that user is obliged to pay the appropriate tax and take care of his tax settlements. The Owner takes no responsibility if user fails to fulfill abovementioned duties.

8. User's tax settlements can be fulfilled on the grounds of contract for work, specified and set out in each and every case by the Owner.

9. The Owner doesn’t collect any tax down payments or any other down payments.

10. The Owner is entitled to, at any time and in each and every case, cancel gathered currency, as well as cancel any ordered payments.

11. The user is fully liable to the Owner, and to the trading partners and advertisers in the case of negative balance.

12. In the case mentioned in §10 section 11, the user is responsible for covering the negative balance on the date specified by the Owner, no less than fourteen days since the notice to settle the payment had been sent.

13. Liabilities include not only the negative balance, but also the expenses that the Owner of the Service has suffered due to the user's negative balance, compensation, contractual penalties, legal counsel expenses and other fees related to user's negative balance.

§11 Third party liability

1. The Owner is not liable to any third party resulting from the nature of Service's operations in regard to any files shared or downloaded by users.

2. User is legally liable to any natural person, legal person and legal authority in regard to shared and downloaded files.

3. User agrees to cover all expenses if there are any third party claims addressed to the Owner regarding a file shared by the user. Abovementioned expenses shall cover all costs, compensations, legal assistance costs, lost earnings and other not specified costs connected with third party claims.

4. User can, at any time, delete his uploaded and shared file from the Service's space, while at the same time it does not exempt him from his liabilities listed in Terms.

5. User is fully liable for his uploaded and shared files.

6. User can not exempt himself from his liabilities or limit these liabilities in time.

§12 Account termination

1. Registered member is entitled to terminate his account at any time.

2. Terminating account will cancel all ordered payments and profit acquired from shared files.

3. Terminating account doesn’t exempt or limit any liabilities stemming from uploading and sharing files - according to §11.

§13 Final provisions

1. Terms are in force the moment they are made available by the Owner.

2. The Owner shall have the right to use user's address email for advertising, marketing and/or any other business purposes. This right is also transferable to other entities, which could receive an email addresses database, even in return for payment.

3. All disputes between the user and the Owner will be resolved by an amicable solution.

4. The Owner shall reserve a right to change the content of Terms at any time. Each and every change of Terms will be made available for users registered in the Service.

5. The provisions of the Civil Code apply to any matters unregulated in these Terms.

6. Any disputes will be settled by a court located according to the Owner's place of residence.

7. User can not exempt himself from his liabilities or limit these liabilities due to the lack of knowledge of these Terms.